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The Yatawatta Divisional Secretariat Division is located in the district of Matale central province in the  democratic, Socialist Republic of  Sri Lanka within the Central Hills bounded on the North by Pallepola, East by Matale, South by Ukuwela devisional secretariat division and on the west by the Kurunagale District, and on the Southwestern division Matale, Kurunagala,Galewela and Matale Dambulla main road.

The Yatawatta Divisional Secretariat Division is located On the East by the tiny hills namely Makulussa, Asgiriya and Ritigala. On the west by the Team of Knuckles hills, which is centered from the local hills, On the South the hills of  Ovilikanda and Etipola. On the North by the southern limits of the Ambokka Hills, and can be introduced as a typical scenic excellent environmental valley.

This area is the mean height of this area from the sea Level is about  and is 400-1250  Celsius and the team of Hills which has been naturally built up  the Etipola  Hills, Makulussa Hills, Ethagala, Hulangala and Nawgala, which add natural environmental behavior towards the humanity which adds excellent beauty with Vast grown thick  forest.

Water Distribution System

The Nalanda Oya which is the Initial supplier of the water surrounding the Yatawatta Area and Polwatta Oya and also the polwatte Oya is the second resource of water supply and a stream flowing down from the Etipola Hill and the other streams coming down from the Hills connected to the area all the stream are being flowing towards the Southwestern division of the area.  And those are considered as the main water resource of the Deduru Oya.

Climatic System

When considering the climatic zone according to the situation of the Yatawatta area  this covers the natural center portion of the area and  this belongs to the Central wet zonal area. In Considering the  weather conditions there is a rain fall of 160.8 ml , during the period of North east Monsoonal Period of September to January annually, This area is being fed by  the Southwest monsoonal period from June. The heat is life hat 28-360C.

Mineral and Mineral Deposits

There is a large deposit of light brown soil and red brown mixed soil the lacquer sonic is available in this area spreading throughout the area. In the Yatawatta area, the rock fall belongs to the drainage system and a Huge deposit of mica is found  from the foot of the meteorite in Etipola in close proximity to Matalapitiya.

Administrative System

After the  year 1815, on the kandyan kingdom of Matale district was divided into three main divisions under three offices to be in charge of Matale North, South and East, and yatawatta was included under the Matale South Division. In 1955, Matale  was  regarded as a separate administrative district though  yatawatta was under the Matale Divisional Secretariat division and in 1985 Yatawatta was made a  Divisional  Secretariat Division .

The area of the Yatawatta Divisional Secretariat Division’s area of  65.7 square Km. The administration of the Yatawatta Divisional Secretariat is being done by the Yatawatta Divisional Council, This consists of 144 Villages and There are 56 Grama Niladari Divisions and For agricultural Purposes this has been divided into divisions such has  Yatawatta and Walewela, which also covers as the which are also exercises the powers of the agricultural divisional development zones. Earlier this has been divided into two pathus namely Asgiri Udasiya and Asgiri Pallesiya Pathu. Presently the births, Marriages and deaths are being registered under this present system.

Historical Background

The history of this village known as  Yatawatta Divisional Secretariat Division go back as far back as to the day of arriving of the sacred  Jaya Sri Maha Bo Three. According to the boundary  marked survey plans and  book (Kadaim potha) Matale  and demarcations states in that book village deevilla had been known as the Village were the ariyans who came with the sacred Bo Three were residing in this village. Were there had been no occupants and the ariyans settled down in this village.  Ruwan Vellya had been the Leader  who came along with the Ariyans and he was made the  Village. Initially, this village was known as Mul Gramaya and subsequently this village was known as “Mulgama” and for Pronunciation easiness this village later on had been known as  Gammulla. at the very start they had been only a hand full of people and later on the population has been rapidly increasing and has such the present name Gammulla has been incorporated .

There is also a famous here say that the king Wikramabahu has been having his palace at Udagama Balumgala and there had been a war and on a false information that the king  had been defeated and when the  60 queens who were in the kings heyram, herein this false information of the Wikramaahu came to know this information and all  queens committed suicide by Jumping from the Balungala of the palace. And after that embankment (Ella) was Known to be as the Biso Ella.

The Urulawatta Rajamaha Viharaya is a Rock Temple which was built up during the king Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. There are Sufficient evidence to state that the Thalgahagoda Rajamaha Viharaya  has been originated as a rock temple buildup  and the sacred  Bo Tree was planted by the king Dewena Pathissa. It also Proves the history of Gammulla, Deevilla, Kosgolla has a grate historical value which emphasizes the fact during the  ancient era that there had been Ambalama (Resting Place) likewise there had been three such places in the respective three villages.

William Gopallwe also had been the Chairman of the Matale Town Council During the Period from 1927 to 1931. Srimath William Gopallwe who had been appointed as the First Governor and also the first President of Sri Lanka who also was a resident of  Dullawe Which is situated within the  Yatawatta Division . It is also a well-known fact that he had his initial education at  Dullawe Maha Vidyalaya.

From the very history of this area, it is a well-known fact that the villages have had great affection to the Sri Lankan culture. The  Preparation of Awu Athu, Muraawuda, Sesath and Laksha lacquer carvings are some of the evidences that had been prevailing in  this area at that time. When the sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bo Tree was brought down to Sri Lanka, There had been lot of Indians who had come to Sri Lanka and had been residing in the areas of Unaveruwa  and they have introduced this Sesath to that area and also it is being presently carried out by their younger Generation. Presently the Alokagama is famous for its Flax Industry, which had been haling from their ancestors, Thalgagoda Village is famous for its clay industry, Salagamais is famous for lacquer carving industry, and Dullawe for its blacksmith industry.  The Villages of Yatawatta area are famous for their Kandyan Dancing and their also Kandyan Dancers who had won presidential awards from the very beginning by the Kandyan Dancers who are from Thalgahagoda area. It can be also stated here that the area of Yatawatta is highly valued for its historical, Religious, Education and Culture.  





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01.   Mr.  T.G.U.B.Thambugala 1986.03 1987.06
02.   Mr.  R.A.Chandrasekara 1987.07 1992.08
03.   Mr.  K.W.Gamage 1992.09 1993.12
04.   Mr.  D.M.R.B.Disanayake 1994.01 1994.12
05.   Mr.  P.A.G.Jayawardhane 1995.01 1996.12
06.   Mr.  A.P.W.Ariyawansha 1997.01 1998.05
07.   Mr.  P.L.Nandasiri 1999.01 2006.03
08.   Mr.  A.M.W.A.Amunugama 2006.04 2007.03
09.   Mr.  S.Senanayake 2007.04 2007.08
10.   Mr.  Sirimewan Dharmasena 2007.08 2010.09
11.   Mr.  G.H.M.A.Premasinghe 2010.09 2011.04
12.   Mr.  A.M.J.K.N.Adhikari 2011.04 2016.10
13.   Mrs.D.R.K.Hennayake 2016.12

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